Catalog and Classify Data - Save Time & Explore Data Directly


Discover Data Within A Few Clicks

Business leaders already know that data-driven decisions are needed to navigate today’s competitive environment. Knoema helps them monetize the data they already have and lets them discover and extract value from data that they previously thought was inaccessible.

  • Click-through navigation allows an
         analyst to move from a data list into
         the analysis of the dataset without
         worrying about integration.

  • Augment your own data with
         Knoema’s data and third-party
         datasets on-demand, without
         paying for data you don’t use.

  • Combine different datasets relevant
          to your portfolio into live dashboards
          and insightful reports that can be
          easily shared with stakeholders
          through your branded portal.

With Knoema, analysts and business users do not need to interface with data engineers or data scientists to access the data they need for their research. A single set of credentials gives them access to the full spectrum of capabilities to discover and work with the data.

Bring Context & Understand Metadata To Structured And Unstructured Data

Disparate datasets from various sources often come in different formats (PDF, Excel, HTML) and structures. Often, IT takes a lot of time, resources, and different skillsets for users to prepare data and unify metadata/data for use. Knoema can rapidly create a centralized data catalog with all your datasets of interest. Once built, users can then leverage this data catalog to easily browse datasets by topics, countries, sources, industries, etc., and access data within a few clicks.

  • Search yields instant data discovery:
         an analyst can see the datasets that
         are currently available in their portal
         as well as any relevant datasets they
         aren’t currently subscribed too.


  • Visually analyze the different KPI
          trajectories and choose which KPI
          to analyze without waiting on your
          data team.


  • Build dashboards and export them
         into third party software at your

Easily Find The Right Data and Details For Your Needs

Keep an accurate inventory of all your organization’s data assets including third-party data, public data, and internal datasets. At a glance, understand the basic attributes of your data and the types of questions it can answer.

  • Get answers to which data can help
         you and how without involving the
         data team and technology team.


  • Use machine learning in the process
         of discovering, inventorying, profiling,
         tagging, and creating relationships
         between data with Knoema’s
         patent-pending meta data model.


  • Provide transparency of datasets
         available creating a single source of
         truth for available datasets.