About Knoema

Knoema, an Eldridge business, is the premier data platform

Our revolutionary Data Hubs are changing the way business users generate insights from their data and the world’s data to facilitate better decisions and better outcomes.


Our Vision

The convergence of machine learning + natural language processing + integrated global data represents a catalyst that will reorient the information industry and how we engage with data. Our revolutionary Data Hubs are changing the way business users generate insights from data.  Previously, the workflow was fraught with complexity and required a bevy of tools and workflow integrations to help business users and data scientists answer questions or solve problems that require additional information.

Structural shifts of this magnitude happen only every few decades. The new data environment will be defined by organizations that can bring together unrelated datasets at scale, algorithmically relate structured data to natural language and workflow concepts, and integrate relevant data insights wherever people are.

Our Team

Knoema has brought together a global team of 100+ data engineers, economists, developers, and entrepreneurs who have been working together on Knoema’s platform and database for years. We have more experience with the software, processes, and mathematics associated with data integration and data search than any other organization in the world. Meet our team.

Our Data

Knoema users have access to the most comprehensive collection of global decision-making data in the world. Knoema hosts more than 4.2b time series published by more than 1.6k sources. This ever-evolving database is curated from authoritative sources by our team to help capture emerging social, economic, financial, political, and industry-specific topics and trends.

Platform for Data Professionals, Investors, and Organizations

Knoema Insights

On our Insights blog we showcase insights our analysts and economists have derived from our integrated data platform in an environment where you can work directly with the supporting data. We encourage you to explore our blog to learn more about emerging data trends, and explore the possibilities of what can be done with Knoema’s tools and data library.